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Paid social has become a digital marketing essential for any business. With cross-device insight and audience targeting simply unavailable elsewhere, its customer acquisition power now rivals search. Management by Growth Hacker Social will supercharge your social ad performance while tracking and maximizing impact across your entire marketing universe.



increase in leads




decrease in cost per lead





Heartland Dental wanted to encourage people interested in Invisalign® therapy—an alternative to traditional metal braces—to learn more about it and eventually reach out to one of its supported dental clinics.




With its Clear Smiles Week fast approaching, Heartland Dental decided to try Facebook ads for the quarterly promotion. The company partnered with digital marketing agency Local Search Masters to launch a direct response campaign.

Heartland Dental used link ads to reach people most likely interested in Invisalign® therapy. It applied what it learned from its previous campaign, focusing ad creative on product shots, which had outperformed lifestyle-focused images. It also used a “Learn More” call-to-action button—directing people to a landing page—that had previously performed better than “Contact Us.”

For its mobile ads, Heartland Dental used images with teenage models to appeal to its primarily younger mobile users. Ads for desktop News Feed featured more family-friendly images that would appeal to parents.

To ensure its ads reached the right people, the Heartland Dental team targeted a range of audience groups. It targeted its link ads to Generation X men and women and millennials, as well as parents with teenagers or preteens, and people interested in oral care, braces or Invisalign® therapy. The company also used website Custom Audiences to retarget ads to people who had already visited its website.





Heartland Dental’s May–June 2016 Clear Smiles campaign surpassed its achievements on other marketing platforms and also achieved:

  • 4.6X increase in leads

  • 56% decrease in cost per lead



increase in revenue




increase in referrals




reduction in acquisition cost





Driven by his passion to improve the lives of as many children as possible through orthodontic services, Dr. Burleson tried a number of basic email marketing solutions to connect with potential patients and grow his business but was having limited success.




 Employ automation capabilities throughout their business. Leads come in from various channels—Facebook, PPC and direct mail—and are captured through web forms that tag their source and other factors. his triggers an automated, targeted nurture campaign that converts an astounding 85% of leads into patients (national average in his industry is 50%). 





  • Grew revenue 10x

  • Increased referrals from 28% to 60%

  • Reduced acquisition cost by 56%

  • Went from 5 vacation days to 42


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