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Event Marketing

Growth Hacker Social offers emotion provoking, immersive experiences that traditional agencies are unable to replicate. Whether you want to wow your target audience with a one-of-a-kind branded dream space or marvel them with a clever promotional stunt, Growth Hacker Social has the capabilities to engage consumers while keeping the sole focus on results for your brand. We achieve striking designs and flawless execution by planning for every detail - including unforeseen occurrences - ensuring our productions are strategic, functional, and brand focused.

​Potential strategies can include, but are not limited to:
Custom event design with an emphasis on a cleverly branded atmosphere
Product launches
Large-scale media and consumer events
Intimate brand engagement events for celebrities, influencers, bloggers
Guerilla marketing programs
Strategic sampling events
PR stunts

Need Event Marketing?

Type of Events

In-store Promotions

These events happen within focal retail points, or a Central Business District per say, where traffic is high. The type of brands that do well in this type of event are value-for-money products and services. Let’s just say we wouldn’t put a Ferrari in the middle of a mainstream retail area and expect it to sell. We can hone in on these types of areas, if we want to aim our promotional efforts at a specific target market or demographic.
For example, if a client wanted to target homeowners, we would advise them to structure their promotional activities in a home-based store selling products and services for households. This could be a carpet retailer, bathroom store, garden nursery etc. In addition, if they were in the health industry, we would suggest pharmacies or health food stores.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are targets for products with a more specific focused appeal, or a niche market, if you will. There are hundreds and hundreds of trade shows happening across major cities and regions. Trade shows can range from car shows, IT conferences, bridal displays, fitness expos to industry specific events. We recommend trade shows to clients who are wanting to promote their brand in an area designated to having a high density of an individual’s or company’s ideal prospective audience.

Shopping Centers

At shopping centers, you will find various types of potential customers. Shopping centers are for brands that don’t have a specifically outlined target market and whose product or service has mass appeal.

University Promotions

These types of promotions also work well with value-for-money products and services that have mass appeal. Students are a perfect target market for certain brands, as they are still in that deciding phase on which brands they will remain loyal to for years to come. Captivating the loyalty and commitment of younger generations, in essence appealing to demographics such as millennials, can provide your brand with the framework needed to dominate your niche market and/or target audience.

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