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40 Million


Users Acquired




Daily Active Users


60 Million


In Revenue





Spearhead branding, user acquisition & re-engagement for EA's mobile RPG and Strategy games.





In planning a new mobile-first ad campaign to reach and attract customers, inkbox decided to run Facebook dynamic ads. With dynamic ads, inkbox could target the people who had already shown intent on its website (by viewing products, but not buying). The company also broadly targeted mobile-savvy males and females worldwide aged 13–30.





The results of this ongoing Facebook campaign—which began on October 10, 2017—were based on reporting data from Facebook Ads Manager. During November 2017, the campaign delivered:

  • 3.4X lift in click-through rate

  • 20% cheaper cost per product view

  • 5X increase in engagement with the collection ad format compared to all other ads

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