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return on adspend




in annual recurring revenue



people will get clean water in a year


The non-profit wanted to grow its monthly donations program, “The Spring,” and increase awareness of the global water crisis.




charity: water used storytelling to raise awareness of the global water crisis and inspire people to give. By creating a video to share the charity: water story in a compelling and personal way, the team showed how bringing clean water to people in need impacts both those who give and those who are served by the water projects. At the end of the video, the organization asks people to join The Spring, its monthly giving community.

The non-profit decided to use Facebook video ads to increase video views. Targeting the right audience was the key to bringing in donations. charity: water created a Custom Audience of existing members of The Spring, then created and targeted a Lookalike Audience of people who were similar to these members and other donors. Because charity: water has the Facebook pixel installed on its website, it was able to retarget ads to people who had previously visited or taken an action there.

The organization followed a philosophy of testing and learning with its ads. In addition to continually testing different audience targeting strategies, charity: water advertised across Instagram, Audience Network and Facebook to reach a larger audience and increase donations.








The targeted video ad campaign, which ran from November–December 2017, generated an impressive volume of donations and resulted in clean, safe drinking water for thousands of people:

  • 5X return on ad spend

  • $470,000 in annual recurring revenue

  • 15,666 people will get clean water in a year



volunteer sign ups




monthly impressons




site traffic from ad grants





Gloria, Managing Director of MAD, says "Google Ad Grants is a must have programme for all nonprofits, especially Indian nonprofits that are just getting online." MAD uses their Google Ad Grants account to recruit passionate volunteers that can make a one year commitment to the organisation, raise awareness, drive online donations and identify and prioritize Iocations for international expansion.




Google Ad Grants has provided a free means of targeting not just MAD’s existing operations in 23 cities, but the rest of India and the world. AdWords data shows which cities and countries have the highest interest in MAD and the organisation uses this data to identify where they should expand. In addition, Ad Grants allows them to build a network of volunteers that they would not be able to reach through traditional marketing methods. Approximately 20% of the organisation’s total volunteer base are AdWords leads and approximately 30% of their website traffic comes from their Ad Grants campaigns.


Hub City Ford’s ad campaign successfully reached shoppers in the market to purchase a car over 60 days between November 2017–January 2018. By showing this audience relevant inventory using dynamic ads for auto, Hub City Ford generated qualified leads, resulting in:

  • 154 leads generated

  • 34 cars sold

  • 22% of leads from Facebook ended in a sale

  • Number one sales month ever achieved during the campaign (December 2017)




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