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Branding is the ultimate foundation of success for you as an individual or company. Many people underestimate the power of positive and strong brand representation and perception. This common misconception can lead not only to major loss of revenue, but in drastic measures it can and will thwart any efforts to success, determining the length of a company’s existence. This is why positive brand representation, primarily online, is fundamental when it comes to both the growth and expansion of a brand. At Growth Hacker Social, we have multi-faceted techniques to ensure that our clients receive the proper brand structuring which will provide longevity and credibility when clients consider a company for potential retention of products or services. Below, we have outlined each facet of our branding strategies for your convenience.

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Brand Research

We start by asking questions, by listening to everything you have to say about your brand. We discover and encourage the WHY behind the WHAT and will help you establish the purpose to your promise. In turn, we examine the market, evaluating both your direct and indirect competition. We review and determine your ideal customer. We obtain their likes and dislikes and based on that, we determine the lifestyle experience they wish to achieve from your product or service.

Brand Strategy

In this phase of our services, we propose what is best for your new brand based on our findings. We focus on brand positioning. We determine the message and visuals that will create a distinctive place and value in your target customer’s psyche. We establish your brand details (brand name, logo, colors, etc.), the uniqueness of your brand and its similarity with the competitive brands, as well as the reasons for buying and using your specific brand, therefore captivating your niche market. Upon completion of this, your brand will have a definitive structure regarding the following:

Who your brand is
Why your brand matters
What sets your brand apart from your competitors
Why your audience should believe in your brand

Brand Execution

At the execution stage, we implement all information that we have obtained and combined this in a tailored strategy specific to your client needs. We use your new brand guidelines to create compelling materials to showcase and promote your brand successfully. Outputs range from stationery and promotional printed materials to online and digital components. Our goal is to present your audience with a streamlined and memorable brand experience while clearly communicating your brand’s story and intrinsically relaying your mission statement to your desired audiences.

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