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Whether you want to build media awareness, establish a reputation among peers or high provide image through sponsorships, our PR offers a package that works from concept to coverage.  At Growth Hacker we use an integrated approach, which means that we provide the complete marketing mix with Public Relations. Whether you require a product launch campaign or a profile-raising event, online PR, Crisis PR, Sponsorship or CSR we can set up teams or handle all. Having a cohesive plan is core to the success of a PR campaign. Even the most seemingly spontaneous tactics form part of our strategy.

Press Release Syndication

"Share the latest news about your organization"



  • Cost effective compared to paid advertising

  • Provides immediate visibility to a large network of information outlets

  • Bolsters Reputation Management initiatives by suppressing negative reviews

  • Enhances SEO by maximizing backlinking efforts

  • Highlights the achievements and advancements of your company



We are passionate about building brands and positioning our clients for success.

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