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Below you will find some case studies on how Facebook advertising can take your dealership lead generation to the next level. At Growth Hacker Social we take an integrated approach to digital advertising with strategies that include paid search and email automation. These case studies just highlight one of the pathways we use in making dealerships very successful. Let Growth Hacker Social help your dealership increase sales and stand out online.



decrease in cost per sale compared to industry average




cars sold directly from lead ads ($500 ad spend in 4 days)


Plaza Jaguar wanted to sell more F-TYPE Jaguars by targeting current and past Jaguar owners who were in the market to purchase a new vehicle.




Identify existing and former Jaguar owners who are actively shopping for a new vehicle. Using a lead ad for in-market Jaguar shoppers deemed ready to buy in the next 90 days. The lead ad featured an image of the Jaguar F-TYPE, while ad copy promoted the dealership’s exclusive offer: a rare lease payment, lower than the usual rate and only available through Facebook. A “Learn More” call-to-action button opened a lead form that was pre-filled with people’s contact information based on their Facebook profiles.

Once potential Jaguar buyers submitted their contact information through the lead ad, a member of Plaza Jaguar’s sales team reached out to share more details about the offer.








Plaza Jaguar’s 2-week campaign, which ran October 21–31, 2016, successfully generated high-quality leads for its sales team to close. The campaign also achieved:

  • 86% decrease in cost per sale compared to industry average

  • 10 cars sold directly from lead ads ($500 ad spend in 4 days)



Leads Generated




Cars Sold




of leads from Facebook ended in a sale




sales month ever, December 2017, achieved during the campaign





Hub City Ford wanted to drive car shoppers to the vehicle details pages that were likely to interest them, and then retarget these shoppers with dynamic ads to convert them into leads, and eventually, customers.




Design and execute a 2-part, 60-day Facebook campaign to maximize its opportunities with car shoppers.

Phase 1: The first phase focused on building an audience that the second phase could retarget. The second phase used dynamic ads with the lead generation ad objective targeted to a Custom Audience of people who had visited the dealer's website. The ads showed similar models of the vehicles that these shoppers viewed on the dealership's site, coupled with specific, early-stage calls to action such as, “Sign up for a test drive,” “Apply for financing” and “Get approved.” People who filled out these forms became leads in the dealer's customer relationship management (CRM) system for the sales team to contact.


Hub City Ford’s ad campaign successfully reached shoppers in the market to purchase a car over 60 days between November 2017–January 2018. By showing this audience relevant inventory using dynamic ads for auto, Hub City Ford generated qualified leads, resulting in:

  • 154 leads generated

  • 34 cars sold

  • 22% of leads from Facebook ended in a sale

  • Number one sales month ever achieved during the campaign (December 2017)




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