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At Growth Hacker Social, we consider ourselves Ecommerce mavins. If your company is struggling with building a sales funnel, conversion optimization, or scaling your advertising, we can help. Let us take your company to the next level. 



lift in click-through rate




cheaper cost per product view




increase in engagment





The shop wanted to promote its physical store and catering business to consumers and businesses in the area so it could reach as many potential customers as possible, while keeping its costs reasonable.




In planning a new mobile-first ad campaign to reach and attract customers, inkbox decided to run Facebook dynamic ads. With dynamic ads, inkbox could target the people who had already shown intent on its website (by viewing products, but not buying). The company also broadly targeted mobile-savvy males and females worldwide aged 13–30.





The results of this ongoing Facebook campaign—which began on October 10, 2017—were based on reporting data from Facebook Ads Manager. During November 2017, the campaign delivered:

  • 3.4X lift in click-through rate

  • 20% cheaper cost per product view

  • 5X increase in engagement with the collection ad format compared to all other ads

number one


source of customer aqusition




of the company's revenue is generated by Facebook




“panino gourmets” sold in just 30 days





During the 2017 year-end holiday season, PupSocks wanted to generate sales by finding new customers who love animals so much (or knows someone else who does) that they'd want mug shots of their pets imprinted on their socks.




For PupSocks, the year-end holiday gifting season is the important selling period. Working with online sales agency Common Thread Collective, PupSocks created a conversion campaign that targeted dog lovers in the US and layered in these additional filters to build its audience:

  • Male and female between the ages 25–34

  • 25- to 54-year-old females in a relationship or married

  • Mobile users

Additionally, PupSocks built lookalike audiences based on a seed audience of people who had previously purchased items emblazoned with specific animals. For instance, it targeted a lookalike audience based on people who purchased socks customized with cat images; another audience was based on those who purchased socks with dog images.

The team used these targeting tools to find new customers who are passionate about their pets. As well, PupSocks also used the Facebook pixel—a snippet of code that tracks people's activities on your website so you can remarket to them later. Data from the pixel enabled PupSocks to promote its products to people who were familiar with the brand with relevant video ads that helped increase purchases.

Finally, PupSocks ran the ads across Facebook and Instagram to reach a wider mobile audience.


Beyond contributing to PupSocks’ revenue, the promotion also delivered other positive results. The boost to PupSocks’ bottom line led to the creation of more than 100 jobs in 3 states. For its November 9–December 31, 2017 holiday conversion campaign, PupSocks achieved:

  • More than 90% of annual revenue was attributable to the campaign

  • 80,000 purchases over the promotion period

  • 3.7X return on ad spend




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