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6 Incredible Dental Marketing Ideas To Experience Faster Growth

By: Gabriel Jackson

The dental market is growing at an incredibly faster rate. To attract your clients, you need to possess robust Dental Practice advertising hacks. This will take your hospital to a new height. According to the ADA survey, nearly 199,486 dentists are working in the USA as of year 2018. So, it is necessary to work on the marketing ideas that will help your potential customers or patients to find you easily. You can even hire a reputed agency to do this on your behalf.

Check out the following growth hacks to support you in reaching out to your patients and grow your dental practice too.

1. Choose Facebook Ads

The dental practice social media marketing involves promoting your clinic through Facebook or Google Ads. You can opt for local awareness ads for your Facebook Page. This way you can reach out to the locals quickly. The important thing is to focus on one market so that people can easily track your clinic or hospital. According to a survey, nearly 68% of the Americans are Facebook users, and it mostly includes the adults. For dental marketing, you can use a new map card to share your address, hours of operation, directions of your business, etc. The CTA also comes with a call button to make an appointment.

2. Improving your SEO

People will search online for dentists through Google Search Engine. It is necessary to improve your SEO tactics to gain top position on the Search Engine. You can take On-Page and Off-Page SEO services that help in attracting your audiences. According to Statista, Google Search Engine accounted for nearly 93% of the U.S. organic search engine visits. With effective SEO tactics, you can attract locals as well as national audiences. However, if you only want to reach out to local patients then use Local SEO.

3. Using Remarketing Ads

Remarketing is an affordable method, as it helps you to reach out to the audiences who have recently visited your website or drop in their emails. You can use their email address to focus these consumers and serve ads to them. Leverage your audiences through ‘Customer Match’ on Google or Facebook. With Remarketing Ads, you can attract your patients to visit for flossing, teeth whitening, or cleaning procedure.

4. Inclusion Of Pop-Up Ads

The visitors can see a pop-up whenever they visit your website. But, do these pop-up ads work? Yes, these ads work if you use exciting offers regarding dental appointments. Majority of the leads will click on these Ads to know more about your exciting offers. This way, the dentists can get details of the prospects and invite them to their clinic. It is advisable to test and re-test the pop-ups that you are using for your website.

5. Choose Google Maps Ads

If you are advertising through Google Map Ads, it will help you to land your patients right at your location. Here, in the search bar, as soon as the patients write ‘Dentists,’ they will get the locations and contact details of the dentists near their area. The dentists can use Dental Marketing Los Angeles and Dental Marketing Beverly Hills services from the reputed marketing agencies. A report by Statista also states that the 4th quarter of the year 2018 reported 47.2% of the global web traffic through mobile devices. Therefore, if your patients are using mobile devices, then these Google Map Ads include exact directions and direct call CTAs too.

6. Ask Your Patients for Reviews

The patient’s reviews will also help your website to trend on Google Search Engine. The customer’s reviews are another significant and cost-effective method to convert your patients. The new patients will firstly go through these reviews or happen to ask their friends and family too. Therefore, it’s great to establish a personalized connection with your present patients to help prospective patients to choose you over others.

To conclude, there are versatile methods to entice dental patients to your website and turn them into your full-time patients. For excellent advertising and marketing services reach out to us at Growth Hacker Social and let us help scale your revenue.

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