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By: Gabriel Jackson

Brands, nowadays, have become aware that in order to increase their sales they need to invest in e-commerce marketing. Most important E-commerce Marketing Strategies to improve a brand’s online presence are:

1. Define your Sales Cycle:

Understanding how your customer moves through your sales helps in identifying whether you should retarget your customer through emails or you need to switch your advertising platform.

2. Optimize your Checkout Process:

The checkout process needs to be smooth from the beginning until the end, to increase the conversion rate and decrease the chances of cart abandonment.

3. Make the Checkout Process as easy as possible:

Give the idea to the shopper that how much time the checkout process will take, either by placing everything on one page or showing a process bar at the bottom of the page

4. Helpful Product Description:

Brands need to dedicate a separate page to customer reviews and frequently asked questions in order to guide the customer properly. A well-written description including keywords will also increase the visibility of the brand on search engines.

5. Show Shipping Cost:

Showing the shipping cost and delivery time at the beginning of the checkout process will make the buyers aware and will decrease the chances of order cancellation.

6. Give customers the option to keep shopping:

Providing a “Keep Shopping” button at the end of the page sometimes trigger the customer to go back to the site and search for more things to purchase.

7. Showing the Forms of Payment:

Displaying small icons of different credit card your site accept along with a security seal makes buyers believe that their credit card information will not be misused.

8. Retargeting:

You can retarget a customer who showed interest in a product but didn’t end up purchasing through emails or displaying the products on other websites.

9. Email Marketing and Automation:

Brands can set up email automation, like cart abandonment, welcome or order automation, to increase visitors and regain the lost sales.



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